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Three-dimensional medical image processing and display

Using Volume Data in inside of human body division got from the DICOM data of CT and MRI, the three-dimensional data of the attention position is extracted. With surface rendering method, a clearer and three-dimensional stereoscopic image is created. In addition, it is software which reduces data volume, while geometry of surface is protected. The software is developed using OpenGL and C++, which is constituted by 2D image processing and display as well as 3DCG image processing and display.



               Fig.1. 2D image viewer window                                Fig.2. 3D CG viewer window


Basic functions:                                                                                                

    ◇ DICOM data conversion

    ◇ Slice image saved as BMS or JPEG

    ◇ Data extraction in 3D region

    ◇ Reduction for surface rendering and data volume