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Synchronous image detection software

In present stereoscopic image broadcasting, the image of right and left channel must be synchronous, which has to be checked in the human eye and in the manual now. By variously causing, even if it synchronizes first, it is necessity to check its synchronization in real time. In addition, there is some the necessity on detecting frame number in which the right and left channel image deviates, if it does not synchronize. Synchronous stereoscopic image broadcasting by the automatic control becomes possible, if the synchronous detection has no problem. Therefore, an algorithm and software of the synchronous image detection were developed in the stereoscopic image broadcasting.

Software function:

◇ Detection for still picture plane (or Non- image) of a LR side

◇ Detection for the LR coincidence still picture (or Non- image)

◇ Detection for deviating image ± frame number in the asynchronous case

◇ Synchronous detection range :1~30 seconds (5 seconds default value)

◇ Synchronous detection repeat :1~30 (3 minutes default value)

◇ Sampling rate :1~120 frames (default value 30 frames)

◇ Synchronous detection accuracy : 0~6 levels (1default value, nothing for 0)

図3. 立体映像放送主操作画面

図4. 立体映像放送設定画面