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Ultra-low noise amplifier

Ultra-low noise amplifier

LNA-50 type ultra-low noise amplifier is a preamplifier device for the pole negligible signal detection which can’t be gotten the low noise by a usual preamplifier. As a head amplifier of the sensor variously, it can be also used as analytical instrument, sensitivity improvement of measuring instrument, etc. for noise reduction in various application. Series products such as LNA-100 type are also developed.

Fig 1. LNA-50 type ultra-low noise amplifier


         ◇Type:LNA-50, LNA-100

         ◇Voltage gain:50 times and 100 times

         ◇Frequency band:2KHz~2MHz

         ◇Inputting:piece line grounded and alternating current combining

         ◇Input impedance:1MΩ

         ◇Output impedance:50Ω

         ◇Size (mm):76x38x25