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 ◇ Visualize the ultrasound propagation process
 ◇ Used to study the ultrasound propagation in an arbitrary-shaped object
 ◇ Used to the nondestructive inspection of materials and structures
 ◇ found the defects in object easily in a short time
 ◇ Used to evaluate the ultrasonic probe, the structure health and the material performance, etc.
【Standard Specification】
 ◇ Visualization range:Within ±20°
 ◇ Channel number:2
 ◇ Distance to object:0.1m~2m(using focus lens: ~ 10m )
 ◇ Scanning speed:Max.2kHz( 200x200 scanning points in 20 seconds for CFRP)
 ◇ Laser :Max.3 mJ@1kHz、1053nm pulse YLF laser
 ◇ Pulse duration:20 or 30 ns
 ◇ A/D sampling rate:Max.250MS/s
 ◇ Display image:Ultrasonic propagation moving image, B-scope image (speed image ), A-scope waveform etc..
 ◇ Moving image speed:1~30 frame/s ( variable ).
 ◇ Inspection object: metal, ceramics, resin, composite material, etc..
 ◇ Inspection thickness:about 0~100mm(metal)
 ◇ Inspection precision: about 0.5mm
【Main Application】
 ◇ Flaw detection for pipelines of petroleum, gas, power plant etc.;
 ◇ Inspection of fatigue damage, internal defect, weld defect, cracks in composite material, etc.;
 ◇ Study of wave propagation mechanism, performance evaluation of ultrasonic probe, structure health evaluation, material evaluation, etc..
【Application Field】
Automobile, aircraft, power plant, shipbuilding, petroleum, gas, iron manufacture, electronic component, semiconductor, etc..